Adidas x Star Wars Collaboration

Attention all Star Wars fans! Earlier in the fall, Adidas announced that it would be releasing a series of official Star Wars-themed gear. The collection includes apparel, accessories, and (of course) shoes that will be released in three “packs,” each of which incorporates different elements of the Star Wars universe. These packs will include basketball, running, and fashion wear, so whether you’re an athlete or just looking for some cool-looking sneakers, there will be something in this collection for you. 

The first of the three packs dropped on November 1st, and is labeled the “lightsaber” pack. Everything in the release takes aesthetic inspiration from the glowing lightsabers used by jedi and sith alike in many of the films’ iconic battle scenes. This pack included eight different colorways, each pairing a classic Adidas silhouette with an iconic lightsaber. The Harden Vol. 4 is a speckled purple color, and is inspired by the purple lightsaber wielded by Mace Windu in the prequel trilogy. The most popular lightsaber color across the films is a light blue, and fittingly, that color appears on a number of different colorways in this drop, including the adult Rose 10 and the D.O.N. Issue #1 for youth. The Top Ten, a beloved old-school Adidas basketball shoe, is colored a pale-blue to pay homage to the blue lightsaber wielded by Obi Wan Kenobi in Episode IV. If you are a Return of the Jedi fan, you can pick up the Dame 5, a bright green colorway inspired by Luke’s iconic green saber in Episode VI. 

If you’ve been turned to the dark side, then this colorway has something for you as well. Appropriately, Darth Vader’s red saber gets two different colorways in this drop, the Crazy 1 and the Rivalry Lo. And if you find yourself somewhere in the middle, you can check out the Pro Next, which features an array of characters detailed on the upper, representing heroes, villains, and everyone in between. 

If you missed this drop entirely, don’t worry – all eight of these shoes are still for sale on the Adidas website, and are beginning to pop up in other major retailers both on and offline. Better still, this collection was just the first drop. The next pack, themed “Space Battle,” is set to drop on November 21st, and it promises to outdo this first release in terms of Star Wars geekery. While the lightsaber drop was mostly basketball shoes, the Space Battle pack will be releasing three different running shoes. Inspired by the various starships of the Star Wars universe, the Ultra Boost S&L, the Ultra Boost 2019, and the Alphaedge 4D are all styled to pay homage to an iconic battleship from the films. 

If you’re a Star Wars geek, you can probably already guess what those three ships are going to be. The Ultra Boost S&L is inspired by the x-wing starship flown by Luke Skywalker and other rebel pilots in a number of different battles against the empire. The shoe’s grey-and-orange color palette is designed to pay homage to the grey-and-orange patterning on the ship’s hull. The ubiquitous Adidas stripes are x-wing orange set against a grey mesh upper. The stripes are a shiny metallic material and glow-in-the-dark elements are incorporated into the sole and heel, which increases its sci-fi look as the lighting gets darker. The heels are detailed with the phrases “STAY ON TARGET” and “THE FORCE WILL BE WITH YOU, ALWAYS,” both phrases spoken during Luke’s most important x-wing mission, the one that destroys the Death Star. 

The Ultra Boost 2019 pays homage to one of the most beloved starships in film history, the Millenium Falcon. Mostly gray with blue detailing on the heel, the shoe features a metallic yarn upper, a metallic cage, and a grey metalized heel. The heels are detailed with the phrases “JUMP TO LIGHTSPEED” and “NEVER TELL ME THE ODDS,” both lines spoken by the Millenium Falcon’s captain, Han Solo. 

Last (but certainly not least), the Alphaedge 4D is inspired by the deadliest starship in the galaxy – the Death Star. A completely glow-in-the-dark sole is contrasted with a jet-black knit upper. The lazer green and black colorway signals to all that this is a shoe for those on the dark side of the force. Phrases detailed on the heel read “THAT’S NO MOON” and “THE POWER OF THE DARK SIDE.”