Air Jordan meets Paris Saint Germain

PSG, or Paris Saint Germain, is one of Europe’s most popular football clubs, and during Paris Fashion Week they showcased several articles from a stylish collaboration with Nike’s Jordan brand. The PSG x Jordan Brand collaboration features a number of different clothing items that combine the color palette and style of the team’s iconic jerseys with Jordan’s futuristic athletic materials. A big feature of this collaboration, of course, is the release of four PSG x Air Jordan sneaker silhouettes – the Air Jordan 6, Air Jordan 1 Low, Mars 270, and the Jordan Havoc React.

PSG Air Jordan 6

Released at the end of July, the PSG Air Jordan 6 was one of the looks featured at Paris Fashion Week earlier in the year, and as such, has seen a lot of hype and pre-release anticipation. Following the PSG collab’s neon orange, red, and black color scheme, the body of the PSG Air Jordan 6 is a sleek contrast of black-on-grey, with red highlights on the heel and tongue. The upper’s black and grey patterning mimics the patterns of the team’s jerseys, and so will be familiar to fans of the Parisian club. The PSG logo appears in red on the heel and on the midsole blocks, with the Air Jordan logo appearing  in red on the tongue. Other red accents feature “PANAME” details, and the sock liner features a detail reading “ICI C’EST PARIS,” the club’s beloved motto, which translates into English “Here is Paris.”

PSG Air Jordan 1 Low

Released earlier this week, the PSG Air Jordan 1 Low is the newest capsule in the PSG x Jordan Brand summer collaboration. In contrast to the Air Jordan 6’s bulkier silhouette, the Air Jordan 1 Low has a delightfully sleek look that works wonderfully with the black, white, and red color scheme. The shoe’s upper is almost entirely black, swooshes, laces, and all, with the only highlight being a red “PANAME” detail close to the heel. Like the previous release, the rubber and mesh patterning is a tribute to the signature geometric patterning on PSG’s jerseys, and is especially noticeable in the patterning on the heels. Other nods to the club include the team slogan (“ICI C’EST PARIS” or “Here is Paris”) detailed down the sockliner and the red “PANAME” highlighting on the heel.

PSG Mars 270 

The Mars 270 shared a release date with the Air Jordan 6, but is as loud and vibrant as the Air Jordan 6 is dark and subdued. The silhouette is totally new, taking elements from a number of previous Jordan looks, including the Air Jordan 1, 4, 5, 6, and 7. The number 270 is a reference to the Air Max 270-style cushioning unit in the sneaker’s heel. As its name suggests, the Mars 270 is a bright and unapologetic red, with black and grey highlighting on the tongue, throat, heel tab, midfoot netting, and the iconic Nike swoosh. This shoe features the most PSG branding of all the silhouettes so far, with the team’s crest embossed on the heel, a combined PSG/Jordan logo on the lateral midfoot, and the team’s motto (“ICI C’EST PARIS or “Here is Paris”) detailed on the sockliner.

PSG Jordan Havoc React

Released just a day after the Air Jordan 6 and the Mars 270, the Jordan Havoc React has the most athletic look of all the PSG releases so far. And that’s because… well, it’s the most athletic sneaker of all the PSG releases so far. While the other three silhouettes have been made with fashion in mind, this shoe is actually meant to be worn by runners, sprinters, and basketball players. This shoe stays true to the red, black, and white color scheme of the PSG jerseys, but the uppers for this shoe are mostly white, with black highlighting around the heel and red laces. True to its name, the Havoc React comes with a React foam cushioning unit in the sole to provide optimum comfort and support for the foot. The shoe also comes with a heel cup for additional support and stability. Like the other shoes in this release, the tribute to PSG goes far beyond the color scheme. These shoes include the customary red “PANAME” detail on the side of the heel, and feature a stamp on the sockliner that reads “ICI C’EST PARIS,” the club’s motto, which translates into English as “Here is Paris.”