September Adidas Yeezy Release Schedule

2019 has been a big year of releases from Adidas’ Yeezy line, it’s ongoing compilation with rap star and celebrity Kanye West. The end of the year promises not to taper off. Yeezy is scheduled for an astonishing eleven releases in the month of September alone. These drops include 5 different silhouettes, with 11 different color combinations that meet a variety of styles and aesthetics. This manic run of new releases kick starts tomorrow in the United States with the release of the Yeezy 700 “Magnet,” which seems to be departing from previous Yeezy 700 capsules in terms of design. Though in the past this shoe’s mesh top and chunky rubber sole have given it a bit of a “Dad shoe” look, the Magnet colorway definitely seems to be upping the game. Rather than the mesh upper typical of this silhouette, the Magnet has a woven silver and black upper that gives the shoe a much more sophisticated look. This is still very much a lifestyle shoe, as opposed to an athletic sneaker, but the grey suede accents on the upper and muted color scheme give this capsule an elevated and even fashion-forward feel. And it’s not just the color scheme that gives this shoe its aesthetic – nubuck overlays and leather accents make this a stylish shoe in terms of both look and build. It still has the thick sole typical of the Yeezy 700, with orange accents that nod back to the original “Wave Runner” colorway that launched the Yeezy 700 silhouette. Since “Wave Runner,” the 700 has seen lots of earthy, neutral tones, but the silver and white color palette of the Magnet feels a bit lighter and fresher, with the dark accents bringing out the silver rather than darkening the look. The change in materials from mesh to weave also gives this colorway a much more streamlined feel than previous iterations of the 700. Priced at $300 a pair, this is definitely a shoe for serious buyers. The drop is scheduled for September 4th, but the time of the drop has intentionally been concealed. Based on the timing of previous drops, it will probably be released sometime before 10AM EST, but the only way to know for sure is to be ready for it. 

September’s release schedule will both begin and end with a Yeezy 700. The final release in September set to be the Yeezy 700 “Hospital Blue” colorway on the 28th, a somber colorway that will arrive just in time to transition the line into Halloween season. Another big day this month will be September 14, on which three different styles of the Yeezy Desert Boot are scheduled to be released – Salt, Rock, and Oil. As their names suggest, this cluster of releases have tough, gritty look. Design previews show that, in keeping with Kanye’s typical design trends,  some themes for September’s Yeezy line seem to be a dark, earthy color palette, smooth durable materials, and silhouettes that look chic and sleek. This seems to be a lifestyle run, with shoes designed for casual and fashionable wear, rather than workout or athletic wear.   

To make sure you don’t miss a single drop, the schedule of Adidas Yeezy line releases in September is as follows:

  • Sept. 4 – Yeezy 700 “Magnet”
  • Sept. 7 – Yeezy V2 “Inertia”
  • Sept. 14 – Yeezy Desert Boot “Salt”
  • Sept. 14 – Yeezy Desert Boot “Rock”
  • Sept. 14 – Yeezy Desert Boot “Oil”
  • Sept. 18 – Yeezy Powerphase “Clear Brown”
  • Sept. 19 – Yeezy 350 V2 “Cloud Reflective”
  • Sept. 21 – Yeezy 350 V2 “Cloud”
  • Sept. 24 – Yeezy 350 V2 “Citrin Reflective”
  • Sept. 26 – Yeezy 350 V2 “Citrin”
  • Sept. 28 – Yeezy 700 “Hospital Blue”