The Three Top-Selling Sneakers of 2019

We’re a little more than halfway through 2019, and men around the world are buying sneakers at a furious pace. Whether for sport or fashion, these are the three sneakers that have made the most money this year.

3. Jordan 6 Rings

A tribute to the six championships Michael Jordan won while playing for the Bulls, the Jordan 6 Rings has a signature swirl on the sole that looks and feels great. Released in 2013, the 6 Rings sneaker has since been issued in a number of different looks and color combinations, ranging from more sober designs like “black ice” to more flamboyant combinations of red, blue, and white, and silver. Going for $165 on the Air Jordan website, you can find these sneakers elsewhere on the internet for as low as $75 and as high as $275. A combination of past Jordan designs were put together to create this shoe’s unique silhouette, with the swirling pattern in the sole and a high ankle. Better still, this shoe is more than fashionable – the 6-ring sole design also provides a great deal of comfort and support to the wearer. Made for sports wear, it’s made from durable, high-quality materials. So even though it can be a pricey buy, it’s almost guaranteed to be a long-lasting purchase. Completely fresh with a nod to more classic Jordan looks, this shoe has outsold almost every other shoe on the market this year, and continues to be in high demand.

2. Nike Tanjun

2019 has been a pretty manic year, and it can be hard to get what this unassuming release from Nike promises the men who wear it – simplicity. Amazingly, this shoe is only valued at $48.97 on the Nike website, making its current financial success as the number two shoe of the year all the more impressive. The Nike Tanjun takes its name from the Japanese word for “simplicity,” and that’s exactly what this shoe has on offer. With a streamlined, modern silhouette, this shoe undoubtedly elevates the taste-level of the everyday sneaker, with an elegance and class that sneakers rarely command. The shoe’s breathable body makes them light and comfortable on the feet, with a foam midsole/outsole that provides a lot more support than its thin outline suggests, making this shoe as comfortable to wear as it is pleasing to look at. The lightness of the shoe on the feet is a particularly big plus, as the shoe is designed for everyday wear. The light, breathable material also makes this a notably well-ventilated shoe – so a good choice for those of us who have been battling this year’s summer heat waves! This simple shoe has decimated the competition, outselling flashier releases from other brands by a mile.

1. Nike Air Max 270

So far, Nike has taken the cake for top-selling shoe in 2019 with the unprecedented success of its Air Max 270. It’s fun and chunky silhouette is a combination of the Air Max 180 and Air Max 93. As such, it was originally styled the Air Max 273 to pay mathematical tribute to its design origins, but round numbers are easier to remember, and so the Air Max 270 was born. This sneaker is a new direction for the Air Max line, being the first Air product to be specifically designed for daily wear instead of running performance. Hence it’s bulky silhouette, with the tallest ever Air Max heel design. The upper has a colorful design featuring overlapping zonal mesh pattern that give it a modern and sporty look, even if it’s not designed for sports wear. There are a variety of color combinations and subtle style variations available, even within the same gender/age category, making it a pretty versatile shoe that can be paired with just about any personal aesthetic. With a variety of style options for men, women, boys, and girls, this shoe has taken the crown for top-selling sneaker, and seems likely to keep that title through to the end of the year.