Top Three Nikes of 2019

Nike has had a busy 2019. Collaborations with Netflix shows and soccer teams, a featured run during Paris Fashion Week, and a dizzying number of new releases. But while the special collections and limited editions have received a lot of positive media feedback, there are some capsules that, while less flashy, might be better suited to your everyday needs.

3. Nike Lunar Fingertrap Cross Trainers

These cross-style sneakers are not just designed to look good. As running shoes, they’re high quality performers, and are particularly favored by people with a more intensive work-out regime. These shoes have a slim silhouette accentuated by the cross pattern on the upper that makes the shoe hug your foot with the comfort of a sock, while still providing the durability you need in a workout shoe. Snug and comfortable, with plenty of support for the foot, this slender black shoe looks sleek on your feet and feels great. Their durability as workout shoes means that they’ll last a long time, and are designed to continue to provide your feet the support they need even as the shoes start to age and wear. And they look so good that they’re a great choice even if you don’t workout that much! 

The flex grooves are the secret to this shoe’s comfort and durability, as they allow for a huge range of flexibility and motion without negatively impacting the integrity of the shoe’s structure. The soles provide a lot of traction, making them secure running shoes that support your balance on the track. This is definitely the most athletically minded of the lunar looks, but it’s cross-pattern “fingertrap” design makes it one of Nike’s most aesthetically pleasing designs as well, a combination that continues to make this shoe a popular buy for 2019 sneaker shoppers.

2. Nike Air Huarache

Almost the complete opposite to the Lunar Fingertrap’s sleek, understated look, the Air Huarache has a chunky sole, a dynamic color scheme, and an attention-grabbing silhouette. With a color-blocked heel cage and a neoprene sleeve, the Air Huarache comes in a variety of color combinations that fit just about any style, aesthetic, and personality. Originally launched in 1991, this is still an incredibly popular buy for sneaker shoppers in 2019 because of its comfortable materials and design. The silhouette is completely unique, but also has a distinct 90s feel to it that makes it look both futuristic and vintage at the same time. 

But the Air Huarache is a lot more than a fashionable silhouette. When it was first released, it was revolutionary as a running and track shoe, and continues to be favored by athletes, even with more contemporary options on the market. Unlike the stiff, canvas athletic shoes of the 80s, the Air Huarache was designed to mold to the shape of the wearer’s foot without losing its structural integrity. This innovative mix of comfort and support make this an incredibly popular choice with runners and basketball players, and continues to be a popular choice for the fashion-conscious and athletically driven among us.

1. Nike Air Presto

Across the board, 2019 sneaker shoppers seem to prefer shoes that are light, slim, and well-ventilated, and the Nike Air Presto meets all three of those demands. Though it was first released in 2001, this shoe has a silhouette that manages to be timeless and totally unique without being flashy. Their number one asset is their breathability, which is made even more amazing when paired with the shoe’s durability. This makes it an obvious favorite with athletes, who have in the Air Presto a light, breathable shoe that can still provide them with the support they need to make it through even the most intense workouts. Coming in a variety of color schemes, the Air Presto has something for every style, situation, and personality, and subtle adjustments can be made to individually customize the shoe and make it more uniquely your own. 

This is undeniably a running shoe, but it has such a classy look and is so addictively comfortable that it’s a popular buy for everyday wear as well. Especially in the throes of such a hot summer, a shoe with the kind of ventilation offered by the Air Presto is just that much more valuable. The Air Presto is one of the lightest sneakers ever released by Nike while still being sturdy enough to be considered a “running” shoe, and that lightness is trending enough this year to make this old model one of the most popular Nike purchases of the year.